Introducing our monthly roundup of content that INSPIRES – the blog posts, podcasts and articles that make us THINK, MOVE us or look at LIFE a little differently.


The Age of Aquarius: Why more people are turning to astrology for answers | Globe & Mail

In case you missed it! A look at how millennials are seeking guidance and grounding through astrology. 

Gwyneth x Oprah Podcast | Goop

 Where to BEGIN with this one!!! An incredible conversation full of wisdom, optimism and encouragement. A must-listen, the perfect accompaniment for a walk on a sunny day or evening bath. 

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Therapist | Well + Good

Therapy comes in SO many forms these days – a great and insightful read by Well + Good. 

This CEO Wants to Question What You're Putting in Your Vagina | The Coveteur

Sustain Natural’s Meika Hollender talks about her company's focus on providing “vagina-friendly” products including organic pads and tampons, lube, and condoms, all of which are made with the user’s health in mind.

Making a major decision? 5 Ancient Clues to differentiate between Anxiety vs. Intuition | Nested in the Forest

We make minor and major decisions everyday. Often with no inclination of the outcome. Great read on navigating your emotions.


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