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December 13, 2017

The holiday season brings alllll the emotions with it – joy, nostalgia, playfulness, love, gratitude, and reflection on the year. It's a time to get creative with gifting people you love, enjoy simple pleasures from things like twinkling lights or jingles, and reminisce about fond memories with friends and family. We thought we'd share our past and present holiday traditions that will make you smile and maybe even inspire you to integrate a few in the next coming weeks. 

MISFIT Holiday Traditions

Lindsey | "A few things come to mind, always Mimosas with my family on Christmas morning while my dad cooks a big breakfast, usually a frittata or some sort of big egg breakfast. I make a wreath every year for my door, this year was a white birch log wrapped with eucalyptus and berries (inspiration from our Madeline C.) 

And most years, making batches of the most time consuming cookies, I always take on more than I have time for and then beg my husband to help me finish on time, I’ll give him the job of sprinkling icing sugar on top or scooping jam in between cookie half’s before placing the pieces together, what a guy. (when I mentioned traditions to him just now he yelled Die Hard at me very passionately) LOL."

Ashley | "I don’t really have Christmas traditions per se (my family just all do their own thing these days) but having worked in a bakery for the last seven December’s, I generally work 80 hour weeks leading up to the 25th making dinner and dessert for 1000’s of Torontonians (which is rewarding!). SO, on the 25th I chill hard at home in sweatpants and sleep for 2 days and watch all my Christmas movies and make a giant delicious plant based holiday meal for whoever will come to me hahaha. That said, this will be my first year out of the kitchen and I plan on doing the exact same thing, so...! Haha."

Amanda | "My favourite thing to do during the holidays is to be cozy with loved ones and eat delicious food! The really simple things are the ones I look forward to the most...my family is out west and I don't get home every year but regardless of where I spend the time I have a few things that I always cook or bake wether I'm in Calgary or at home in Toronto with my chosen family. My favourite thing to make are these amazingly delicious, savoury rosemary and nut shortbread. They are the most delicious little sweet treat and pair really well with a glass of full bodied red wine. Ya! Cookies and wine together at last!! (I have swapped out the regular flour for a gluten free blended flour in the past as well to much success! For the GF folks..)"

Rachel | "My family loves to get together and watch A Christmas Story all together. Part of the movie was filmed in St. Catharines where I grew up and where my parents still live. It connects us all on many levels including our weird sense of humour. I’ve also been lucky to join my partners family in their fun annual traditions. On Christmas Eve we eat Chinese food all together and have a fun “gifty stealy” gift exchange. My partner Rob and his family are a tight knit funny bunch so it is never boring, there’s always some bizarre gift that you’d never imagine."

Katelyn | "I still wake up SUPER early (like 4 or 5 am) to look at my stocking (which my parents still put out after my brother and I go to sleep)! Our favourite family Holiday is Christmas and I know how much it means to my mom to still keep the spirit of Christmas alive even though we're all grown up. But pros of being grown up means we now drink Baileys and Coffee all morning instead of hot chocolate."

Michelle | "The holidays have been kind of changeable for me in the last couple of years - long story.......but we have a 2 year old son now, so building new traditions for him. One thing I always do is bake cookies, usually shortbread....any excuse really. We have been opening presents with my son on the morning of xmas eve (just my husband and I) then we head out to spend some time with my family. Nothing really out of the ordinary."

Jo | "I grew up as an only child, with a single mom. My mother and I have had a long running tradition to buy/make an ornament to put on my Mom's Christmas tree every year! I think it's nice that once day I will inherit all those ornaments for our family tree... let's just say my mom's tree is FULL.

My husband and I welcomed our son Grayson in April, so this year is special because we have the chance to start some new traditions! For the first time ever Christmas day will just be spent at home in Toronto, just the three of us (and our two cats too). We already anticipate Grayson being spoiled by Grandparents and his Aunts, so we are going to try and keep things simple at home! A day filled with love and fun... and FOOD. We would like to try and make the holiday less about consuming things, and more about creating family MAGIC."

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