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Get to know Robyn – her bubbly yet soothing energy is contagious. Robyn is an OG MISFIT and now helps lead MISFITMETHOD teacher training. She also brought Get HOT and Balletish to life at the studio. Thank you Robyn for giving us a peak at your life beyond the mat. 


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Tell us your love story with MISFIT.

A friend of mine was teaching at the coach house and posted about this place where she could teach in her own style and curate awesome playlists and I HAD to check it out. I took a couple of Amber’s Fusion classes soonafter and fell in love. Taking those classes gave me a sort of permission. Permission to be myself. Permission to do things my way. This was where I needed to share my work as a teacher. I auditioned at the first chance possible and joined the sub list during summer 2013.


What is it about teaching that lights you up?

There is so much about teaching that lights me up. Watching a room full of beating hearts move in unison. Witnessing someone “get it” when I’m sharing information about the body.

And lately, TEACHING TEACHERS!!! Co-teaching the teacher training is the best part of my job right now.


If your best friend were to describe you in three words, what would those words be?

I cheated and asked my mom. She said: Honest. Sweet. Loyal.


Standout memory from your time at MISFIT?

My 27th birthday. It was a Wednesday. I had asked Amber if I could experiment by throwing some contemporary dance into my class. She said yes, but that it should be a surprise for those that showed up. 18 people showed up, including the tall and handsome Josh Duhamel. I was so nervous that people would be mad at me for making the change, but we had SO MUCH FUN. There were smiles and sweat and high fives. And yeah, Josh loved it.


What do you do to stay grounded?

I am the most calm and collected when I am dancing regularly. It’s a work in progress, but I have a goal of moving in an improvised matter every day. Even if just for a minute. To listen to what my body and soul need to express, and follow through with movement.


Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon in the city?

In the warmer months, my partner and I love to hit up Farmhouse Tavern’s “F*CK MONDAYS”. If you show up at 4:45, it’s still $4 caesars, then at 5:00 it shifts to buck-a-shuck oysters. WINNING. In the winter, let’s be real: netflix and chill.


If you could go back in time and live in any era, what would it be and why?

I think I would look great in 50s fashion. But really, I’m super curious about what St. John’s was like when my grandparents were kids. It was still a part of the UK then, and very affected by the wars. (My gramma has an epic story about this time, ask me about it sometime.) The city had on two different occasions major fires that destroyed the harbourfront, so it would have looked completely different than it does now. It is still a very unique city, as cities go, but what was “urban” Newfoundland like when it was still only accessible by ship, and unaffected by television and other media?


Favourite class to teach?

FUSION! I love to ride that wave.


Queen Street or Ossington?

They both mean so much to me. Queen is where I really developed my confidence as a teacher and began creating my own classes, like Get Hot, and Balletish. Ossington is where I took the next step and became a teacher trainer.


Song you have on repeat?

Downtown by Majical Cloudz


Who is a Woman Warrior that inspires you?

Lady Gaga. I relate to her empathy. I’m inspired by her realness. I want more of her fearlessness.


If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

FLYING! So I wouldn’t have to go on airplanes (half joking). I work so hard on being grounded, but maybe what I really need is to let myself go and fly around on a broomstick.


Favourite words to live by?

You got this.


How do you like to start and end your day? Any go-to rituals?

Morning: hot water with lemon and cayenne. Nighttime: I’ve been doing the Province Apothecary natural facelift regime.


Favourite podcast?

Katy Says with Katy Bowman


What does being a MISFIT mean to you?

Having the power to support yourself AND others. A shared energetic connection. A deep love for movement that heals not only the body but the SOUL.


Head to the MISFIT Schedule to Get Cheeky with Robyn or stretch it out on the Reformer.  

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