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Meet CAIT – a beautiful soul who recently joined MISFITSTUDIO's teacher team this Fall after completing the 2018 Teacher Training program. Cait lives and breathes the MISFIT ethos – she is mindful, present, loving, and full of passion for movement and dance. Get to know Cait's wonderful story of falling in love with the MISFITMETHOD and her growth from student to teacher. 

Tell us your love story with MISFIT

I always craved movement and community even though I had some pretty big walls up. I had been challenging myself to open up in new ways for years and years, and MISFITSTUDIO provided me with that opportunity. It gave me new tools to help me learn to love myself fully and allow myself to be vulnerable and open. I came upon the studio at a time when I was feeling a lack of direction in my life; I didn’t know how or what my contribution was. It started with a single step. I have a clear memory of being unsure if I was going to fit in but looking back now I see that didn’t even matter. I showed up, I tried again, I kept returning and meeting new people who brought out the best in me, who supported my growth. What a wonderful thing to discover. What a life changing opportunity. It has allowed me to feel the fear and do it anyways, to literally move through discomfort and sorrow, to get to know myself and find peace in that knowing.

What is it about teaching that lights you up?

Knowing the joy I feel when I drop into that connection with my body and my breath and everything else fades into the background; that feeling of presence. The ability to offer that to others is truly a gift. It’s community. I get to witness this wonderfully rich exchange of energy and support between all the bodies in the room. 

If your best friend were to describe you in three words, what would those words be?

Supportive, brave, curious

Standout memory from your time at MISFITSTUDIO?

It would have to be that first moment looking out at a full room of amazing humans who put their trust in me to guide them through Friday Fusion at the Queen Street studio. My journey from a hesitant student at the back of the room to standing at the front was certainty filled with highs and lows – as life is – and it was in that moment that it all became quite clear. It was all a part of the journey and this too would become another step on that path.

What do you do to stay grounded?

I’ve become quite in tune with myself knowing when I need to rest and replenish, when I need to say no. I take time to calm and quiet my mind; make space for stillness. Scents and sounds help me come back to myself. Spending time with family and friends. Slow, deep, nourishing breaths.

Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon in the city?

On a Sunday afternoon I am usually out for a walk in Roncy with a coffee and a treat probably picking up some things for the week ahead.

If you could go back in time and live in any era, what would it be and why?

I’ve always been fascinated with the Ancient Egyptian civilization. The Kings and Queens and Gods. The magnificent structures, language and ancient technologies developed. The rituals embedded into that society. It feels quite powerful and I’ve always felt a connection to it. I’m sure I lived it once before so it would be interesting to go back!

Favourite class to teach?

I am really into bringing Get Physical to life at the moment, finding music that we can really groove to and inspiring people to dance. My one true love, though, is Fusion. I connect so deeply with that class and I really feel like that translates when I teach it. It’s a joy to be able to share that love with the room.

Queen Street or Ossington?

This is a tough one. Queen Street was my first love. It has such a big life of it’s own; it has a gentle heartbeat you can feel it holding you. It’s also where my journey began so it’s quite special. But then Ossington came along feeling fresh and youthful. Ossington was home during teacher training so it’s seen a lot; a lot of growth and courage in me and everyone else in the group.

Song you have on repeat?

At the moment it’s Maggie Rogers, Fallingwater and lots of Bahamas & James Blake.

Who is a Woman Warrior that inspires you?

Ohhhhh all the women in my life are Warrior Women. I am constantly inspired by each and every one.

Favourite words to live by?

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

How do you like to start and end your day? Any go-to rituals?

I start my day offline, no phone or computer until after I’ve had a coffee, and there are several things that come before that. I take my time to drink a big glass of water, standing with both feet firmly planted on the ground; I see it as an opportunity to feel steady and prepared for the day. Then I make a coffee and have a snuggle with my pugs; tell them I love them, ask them how they slept and what they have planned for the day. End of day is pretty similar; family time together and settling into a slower pace.

Favourite podcast?

Right now, listening to The goop Podcast, Tara Brach, and of course BE MOVED.

What does being a MISFIT mean to you?

Being a MISFIT means that I am part of something much bigger. It means that I am strong and what I have to say is important. It means I am enough just as I am in this moment but I also have space to continue to grow in any direction I choose. It means that I have the opportunity to connect with amazing people doing what they love. It means that I get to share my story and inspire others to connect with their truth and what lights them up.

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