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Meet ASHLEY – known for her funky tunes, kindness and great sense of humour (she'll have you laughing even through those final leg pulses), Ashley brings a vibrant, fun-loving energy to the studio. We're so grateful for her presence – love you long time, Ashley!!!

Tell us your love story with MISFIT.

I started coming to MISFIT a couple of years ago when I was taking a staycation off of work. My plan that week was to try a bunch of new things, explore the city, and not just waste it being a summer bum. MISFIT was a place I was so curious about, and I was excited to finally check it out. The teachers were so kind and welcoming, the space is (obviously) beautiful, and it was hard as hell! I was hooked. When I found out they were offering a Teacher Training in the Fall, it didn’t take much to convince myself to sign up! AND THANK GOD I DID hahaha.

What is it about teaching that lights you up?

I like the fact that I have to be ultra present to teach, it always makes me feel so refreshed and charged up afterwards. Every class is different, and I love the mysteries of human energies. The combination of people in the room, the general collective vibe of the day, and how I can find a way to honour everyone who showed up. My goal is always to make everyone work, but to also tap into something deeper – to FEEL something special!

If your best friend were to describe you in three words, what would those words be?

I just asked him and he replied: Sincere, Hilarious, and Non-judgemental. Aww!

Standout memory from your time at MISFIT?

Maybe the first time I taught a full class at Queen! Watching a room full of people, syncing up breath and movement together, and being the person facilitating that makes me feel incredibly grateful.

What do you do to stay grounded?

I feel like I’m a naturally grounded person *but* if I do get anxious for whatever reason, I find it difficult to regain that calm feeling. If I’ve had more than one coffee that day, forget it! Four count breathing helps me a lot (inhale for 4 / pause for 4 / exhale 4 / pause 4) as well as kissing my dogs head as much as she’ll allow.

Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon in the city?

I spend Sundays close to home, taking leisurely walks to High Park, grocery shopping for the week, meal prepping, laundry, lazy couch hangs. That sort of thing.

If you could go back in time and live in any era, what would it be and why?

I don’t know, I think we live in a pretty cool time (specifically for women), but I bet the 20’s were really fun and a lot more wild than we imagine them to be.

Favourite class to teach?

Oh boy, this one’s tough! I think Get Cheeky is a fun mat class to teach, but my fave are the cardio classes! Everyone kind of allows themselves to have fun, feel freedom in their bods, and get silly! Have some laughs!

Queen Street or Ossington?

Queen. I’m a sucker for those big stained glass windows.

Song you have on repeat?

This changes weekly but: Nice for What by Drake

Who is a Woman Warrior that inspires you?

Maybe this is a cop out, but I am inspired by women in general. I think we’re so resilient, clever, and resourceful. We have a real quiet strength that courses through our whole lives. I think a lot about what it would’ve been like to be a woman throughout history and how much tongue biting and stoic heartbreak they would have had to endure. The strength of “ordinary” women is truly inspiring to me.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation for SURE. As someone who’s in a long distance relationship, it would be the best! And also for visiting any place, any time.

Favourite words to live by?

Work smarter, not harder.

How do you like to start and end your day? Any go-to rituals?

I start the day with a coffee and a couch cuddle with my four-legged beast. I like to end the day reading but I can only ever keep my eyes open for about 3 pages.

Favourite podcast?

I love “Stuff You Should Know” !! I’m a super curious person so I love learning everything about weird niche topics (or broad topics!) and the hosts, Josh & Chuck are so funny, I find myself laughing out loud on the street.

What does being a MISFIT mean to you?

Being a MISFIT is mainly about community to me! I love my MISFIT sisters so much. Not only do we encourage and lift each other up, we also challenge and inspire one another. I think this not only reflects in classes, but in the general vibe of the studio. I feel so enthusiastic when I know it’s someone’s first time to MISFIT, or their first time trying that class/teacher. I love chatting up and joshing around with regulars too. It’s a real fam jam!

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