MISFIT GANG | Amber Joliat

MISFIT GANG | Amber Joliat

July 12, 2018


Meet AMBER – the creator of MISFITSTUDIO, who's fearless journey to following her intuition birthed the MISFITMETHOD that has moved thousands of MISFITS in Toronto and beyond. Amber manages the studio and teaches classes with an aura that is incredibly unique and memorable – she leads with intention, love, warmth and acceptance – a beautiful blend of fun, child-like curiosity and the wisdom of an old soul. We LOVE you Amber!!!  

Tell us your love story with MISFIT.

ooooooooooooooooooh boy
here we go
I have been a movement teacher my whole life!
I started teaching dance under the guidance of my ballet teacher at the age of 12!
My ah-ha moment
A moment that shifted my life
was 8 years ago
i was workin my assss off teaching a zillion classes for a women who was cruel, manipulative and toxic. 
I was//am a people pleaser, i wanted to do my best and i put up with being treated like shit for tooo long
i thought it was character building
and then boom
like lightning
i knew it was time to leave 
i was full of fear!!!!!
and I thought to myself, what is the WORST that could happen if I leave
i'll be free
i'll be alive
i'll be rid of a toxic relationship
and change my life
On a profound level, I've learned to thank the lesson I gained in this situation
I vow to love and respect everyone, to truly honour everyones uniqueness
THAT became my mission statement
it’s how MISFITSTUDIO was born
i had built a reputation for being a rebel as a teacher, blending dance and pilates into yoga classes, playing loud music, 
it was what i was known for! 
So when that lightning struck
i saw it.
A home
a place to call home for all the magical and creative beings out there who wanted to MOVE their bodies and feel alive, free and connected 
No judgement. 
No bullshit. 
Only love.


What is it about teaching that lights you up?

Shifting mood//feeling//perspective//energy//bodies into a more mindful state. Connecting a sea of moving bodies in the practice of presence.
It's palpable
When the energy in the room shifts
It's MAGIC, real magic.

Standout memory from your time at MISFIT?

Sigh. . . . . 
the very first incarnation on Dunn Avenue in Parkdale was so sweet, the cutest little courtyard full of late nite dinners and laughter, 
life was simple, clear, calm then. Everything has changed, helping me to fully accept that change is the one constant in this life.
There have been tremendous obstacles to overcome
each one, especially the most challenging ones
i’ve learned
i’ve grown
i’ve expanded my capacity to SEE and FEEL and CONNECT
build a family
those are my favourite parts.

What do you do to stay grounded?


Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon in the city?

Taking class at MISFITSTUDIO 
Bicycling to Allen Gardens with my husband, 
smelling flowers
In Kensington Market buying groceries for the week 
(and dinner later with friends)

If you could go back in time and live in any era, what would it be and why?

1920s for the beginning of music, dance, drink, fashion, glamour, glitter, all the rebels, all the misfits!
I’m still unsure of how I feel living in today’s times
social media fucked us all up.

Favourite class to teach? 

GET SHIFTED!!!!!!!!!!! 
Wowza its a ferocious journey.
Sweat, Dance, Heart, Fire, Yang, Release
It’s my therapy.


Queen Street or Ossington? 

I LOVE them both
They are my creations, my babies. And
because of the strange path creation//destruction 
has taken me on
i have also learned non-attachment
Having had to re-create the studios so many times due to floods, rent hikes, outgrowing and circumstance
Each studio incarnation has opened me to love them 
in the moment 
with deep gratitude
understanding that in an instant, everything can change or come to an end. 
Queen I describe as an old woman, warm and open, rich with wisdom heavy with yin. 
Ossington i describe as a teenage boy ripe with curiosity and energy, ready to sweat and express and share the yang.
Both, always desiring connection. 

Song you have on repeat? 

This is mood depending. 
Pray – Sam Smith
Bad Bad News – Leon Bridges
Hunger – Florence
The Boss – Diana Ross

Who is a Woman Warrior that inspires you? 

I am very moved by the women who do the work to get to know themselves, 
learn from the lessons this fucked up life provides
and no matter what, 
choose the light, 
always choose the light. 
We all have a story, and it is our choice to allow that story to define us or not. 
This list is wide and deep and wildly inspiring, and i am grateful to be surrounded by warrior women ALL DAY LONG!!!!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? 

To teleport
to see the entire world, galaxy and beyond.

Favourite words to live by? 

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
The late great 
Maya Angelou

How do you like to start and end your day? Any go-to rituals? 

I love ritual, it calms me and connects me. 
Each morning i burn palo santo, give thanks to my ancestors, meditate,
water my plants
It's soothing and quiet and so special
Taking ME time before the day begins, before the phone, before the computer.

Favourite podcast? 

(other than Oprah???) 
Embodied Astrology
Goop (yes Goop)
Ted Radio Hour
On Being

What does being a MISFIT mean to you? 

It's a way of life
seeking deeper meaning more beautiful connection to self, 
to tribe, 
to source. 
It's understanding that an untangled body encourages an untangled mind. 
Never conforming, learning to be wildly comfortable in your own skin. The things that make us different, those are our 


Find Amber teaching each week on the MISFITSTUDIO schedule.


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