Julie Of Province Apothecary Shares Her Top 5 Skincare Tips

After struggling with allergies and eczema all her life, Julie Clark began crafting natural, organic beauty products out of her kitchen. Despite her busy schedule as a costume designer and stylist, Julie found herself drawn to holistic skincare, using her time off to experiment with oils, waxes and herbs- all in pursuit of the perfect skin care regime.

In 2010 Julie began studying Aromatherapy, Holistic Health and Esthetics in Toronto. Here she formed the foundation of her skincare expertise, experimenting with raw materials and natural ingredients. While Province Apothecary has long outgrown the kitchen, Julie’s devotion to fresh, seasonal, and organic beauty continues.

Now a certified Holistic Esthetician and Aromatherapist, Julie remains committed to innovation, sustainability, and small-batch skin care of the highest quality.

Below are Julie's top 5 skincare tips – enjoy!  

1. Love your skin.

This might sound silly and overly-simplified, but loving yourself and your skin is my #1 tip. The way we think and feel about ourselves shows up in so many ways in our lives and our skin is no exception. If you are experiencing skin issues, try to encourage and thank your skin for working so hard to heal.

2. Drink lots of water.

Our body is made up of more than 70% water and our skin craves water. If we don't get enough water daily, the rest of our body and organs will steal water from our skin, leaving it super dehydrated, dry and flaky. I always use my lips as a general meter of hydration in my body. If my lips are dry, I know I need to up my water intake.

3. Get your beauty sleep.

Our skin is our largest and most neglected organ. It is the last organ our body worries about healing (lung/heart/brain all come first). While we sleep our body is healing and recovering, and if you aren't even getting 6 hours sleep, your skin has no chance to repair. I have learnt that I need to prioritize sleep to keep my skin happy, otherwise my eczema gets worse and my skin gets very dry.

4. Move your lymph!

I like to do this with our Daily Glow Facial Dry Brush each morning and by exercising daily. Moving stagnant lymph fluid is the key to healthy, glowing skin. It’s so simple and effective for clearing congestion and reducing puffiness, and so much more. Here is more info.

5. Avoid using soap on your face.

Help keep your skin balanced by using only lotion or oil cleansers. I love our Moisturizing Cleanser + Make Up Remover, it’s one of our best selling products! Oil cleansing is an ancient practice that removes makeup, dirt + pollution and softens and reduces blackheads. The secret to using an oil cleanser is to apply it with a bit of water and remove it entirely with a face cloth. If you are wearing lots of make-up, you may want to double-cleanse. You can cleanse only at night if you have normal to dry skin, but if you have oily skin (or in the summer), you may prefer to cleanse both morning and night.

 Happy glowing!

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